Hristiyan Dodov Full Stack at Oblik Studio

I've graduated ELSYS with a "First Knights of Software" award. As a strong believer in open-source and freeware, I like making good quality solutions for both fellow developers and end-users.

I've Made...


Developer Tool, CLI, Browser Extension, Back-end

Lets you output logs from PHP and stream them to either your shell or Chrome DevTools.


Developer Tool, Browser Extension, Front-end

Allows you to lay design visuals over a page, helping you develop websites pixel-perfect.

Font Localization

Browser Extension, Design Tools

Forces Google Fonts to render glyphs specific to the chosen language.

Node Hypertext Preprocessor

Framework, Back-end

Template engine built on Node.js that employs modularity and simple syntax.


Web App

Tool that allows you to easily download sample images in bulk from Unsplash for free.

Scroll Alert

Developer Tool, Browser Extension, Front-end

Makes you aware of the presence of lame horizontal scrollbars on your page.

Neat Messages for Gmail

Browser Extension, User Experience

Puts very wide emails in a box so each line of text is smaller and easier to read.

Smiley Caret

Browser Extension, User Experience

Converts shortcodes :) to emoji 🙂 while typing anywhere on any website.


Browser Extension, User Experience

Whenever you select text, it attempts to convert any currencies inside to ones you choose.